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Our Story

Corona virus was a wake up call for many of us. It made us realise that the ‘couch potato virtual reality’ life that many people were living was leading to chronic health conditions, resulting in severe health conditions and even death. One of the major differentiator between those that survived and the unfortunate ones who did not was health. The other major challenge that came with the pandemic was stress, anxiety and depression.


These human problems were what led to the foundation of Lighthouse Trust. Not just for the betterment of the society and human health, but for the betterment of ‘Mother Earth’.

The timeline below chronicles the Trust's pivotal moments, highlighting its rapid expansion and diversification into various sectors. From company incorporations and strategic acquisitions to launching innovative projects and sustainable initiatives, the Trust has shown remarkable growth and commitment to creating a positive impact across the globe.

Image by Krzysztof Kowalik

March 2021

The Trust incorporates and acquires Dynaspede Integrated Systems Pvt. Limited, marking its first major business move.

April 2021

Establishment of Dynaspede Middle East FZE in Sharjah’s Hamriya Free Zone, expanding the Trust's global footprint.

Metallic Pieces
Screen Shot 2023-11-21 at 3.45.47 AM.png

May 2021

Seed investment into SQRCLES, a visionary 'Human Marketplace' project, aligning virtual world advancements with life balance.

August 2021

Dynaspede Integrated Systems extends its reach by acquiring SpaceAge Pvt. Limited, further diversifying its portfolio.

Image by Adrian Sulyok
Image by Ilya Pavlov

February 2022

The Trust sets up Dynasas Pvt. Limited, a subsidiary focusing on developing the 'SQRCLES' App, enhancing its tech endeavors.

October 2022

Opening of the first 'True' Wellness Retreat, Nirvana, recognized for its sustainable practices by Earth Check.

Image by Chelsea

February 2023

Acquiring a majority stake in Sunways Global, supporting rural Indian farmers with solar energy, in line with the Government of India's sustainable economy initiative.

March 2023

Conceptualizing the 'Healing Grid' to connect healers and seekers, emphasizing authentic healing experiences and feedback.

Image by Magic Bowls
Image by michael schaffler

May 2023

Establishing Liongate KFZ in Iraq, aiming to replace arms with employment in critical sectors.

July 2023

Sunways Global completes a significant solar project in rural Maharashtra, demonstrating the Trust's commitment to renewable energy.

Image by Thomas Coker
Image by Andreas Gücklhorn

November 2023

Sunways Global receives a 60 MW solar plant project in Maharashtra, showcasing its capability to deliver under challenging conditions.

October 2023

Liongate KFZ produces its first metallurgy products, creating significant employment opportunities in Iraq within a short span.

Image by Nick Sokolov
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