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Sunways Global

Sunways Global: UK-based renewable energy innovator with a 300 MW+ portfolio, focusing on solar projects in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Sunways Global, a leader in renewable energy development, is a Lighthouse venture, with offices in London, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Dubai. The company's expertise lies in creating value through utility-scale decentralized and distributed solar PV projects, along with commercial and industrial rooftops, floating solar, and storage projects. Their approach is tailored to meet stakeholder needs in growth areas in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

The Sunways team, drawn from global finance, renewable energy, and investment banking, manages a robust project portfolio with over 100 MW under development and over 500 MW in the pipeline. These projects, which include high-credit utility and commercial & industrial customers, demonstrate Sunways' proficiency in origination, technical and commercial evaluation, approvals, and turnkey solar project development. Emphasizing a thesis-driven investment strategy, Sunways specializes in decentralized and distributed energy projects across continents. The company's goal is to invest in fast-growing regions, supporting the escalating energy demands at reasonable rates and facilitating energy transitions.

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