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SpaceAge: India's leader in sustainable logistics, specializing in storage, handling, and packaging solutions since 2003.

SpaceAge, established in 2003, is a leading provider of storage, material handling, and packaging solutions in India, catering to the increasing demands of world-class organizations. With a focus on finished goods, work-in-process, assembly line, and return logistics, SpaceAge is known for its tailored solutions, meeting the specific needs of each client with a team of seasoned experts.

The company differentiates itself with a single-source offering, encompassing a wide range of products, deep problem-solving capabilities, and a highly skilled technical force. Headquartered in Chennai, SpaceAge has the infrastructure to design and develop products for clients nationwide, maintaining affordability without compromising on project cost or quality.

SpaceAge is driven by promoter directors proficient in storage, handling, and packaging, and has formed strategic alliances with leading global companies for structural metal profiles, conveying systems, and handling equipment. Their product development strategy is centered around space optimization, lean manufacturing, KANBAN, and 5S principles, ensuring efficiency and innovation in all offerings.

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