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Logo of LEAF (Lighthouse Energy Acceleration Forum) from Lighthouse Trust

At COP28, Lighthouse Trust is excited to unveil the Lighthouse Energy Acceleration Forum. LEAF2023 is a significant and exclusive gathering focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship. It brings together a diverse group of individuals, organizations, experts, and changemakers who share a common goal: driving positive change for a more sustainable future.


 Experience Nirvana Retreat 
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BlueZone @ Cop28
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LEAF2023 @ EH
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Keynote Speakers

Why to Attend ?

1. Facilitating Collaboration:  
LEAF2023 provides a unique platform for collaboration among stakeholders from various sectors, including business, government, academia, and civil society. By fostering dialogue and partnerships, the event enables collective action towards sustainability.

2. Knowledge Sharing:
The event features discussions, panels, and presentations by thought leaders and experts in sustainability. Attendees gain insights into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in environmental conservation and sustainable development.

3. Solutions-Oriented:
LEAF2023 focuses on practical solutions and actionable strategies to address pressing global challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion. It empowers attendees with the knowledge and tools to make a positive impact.

4. Networking Opportunities: 
Participants have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations committed to sustainability. Networking at the event can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and initiatives that drive change.

5. Sustainability Advocacy:
LEAF2023 serves as a platform for sustainability advocacy and awareness. It amplifies the voices of those advocating for environmental protection, climate action, and responsible business practices.

6. Private and Exclusive: 
The exclusivity of the event ensures a focused and engaged audience. It allows for in-depth discussions and interactions among attendees, making it a valuable experience for all involved.

7. Alignment with Global Goals:
The event aligns with global sustainability goals, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and initiatives like COP28. It contributes to the broader effort to achieve a sustainable and equitable world.

8. Impactful Discussions:
Through curated panels and sessions, LEAF2023 encourages impactful discussions on pressing issues, emerging trends, and innovative solutions in sustainability.

9. Environmental Leadership: 
By hosting the event in a sustainable and eco-conscious manner, LEAF2023 sets an example of environmental leadership and responsible event management.

10. Call to Action:
The event inspires attendees to take action in their respective fields and roles, whether as individuals, organizations, or policymakers. It serves as a catalyst for positive change and a commitment to a sustainable future.

In summary, LEAF2023 is an essential gathering that brings together influential voices and leaders in sustainability to share knowledge, collaborate, and drive meaningful change. Its significance lies in its potential to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

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