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Ralitza Ivanova


Successfully managing various multi-faceted business interests from National Security, to consumer non-durables, and property development, Ralitza has over 30 years of experience in management roles, in wide ranging sectors from, government to large corporates, prior to starting her own business.

A qualified double Masters in ‘Political Science’ and ‘National Security’, Ralitza’s work for inclusion of Bulgaria into European Union was an early highlight of a visionary leader, with capability to negotiate and deliver ‘larger than life’ initiatives for her country. Ralitza’s work on the documentation and presentation of the plans remains in public domain till this day.

Ralitza successfully moved from high profile government initiatives to large corporate sector, seamlessly moving to Unisys-Federal Government Group, where she handled large US defense contracts for various governments, covering a territory from Eastern Europe to Middle East and South East Asia.

In early 2007, Ralitza took the plunge from corporate to entrepreneur, starting her own consultancy firm ‘Networks & Security Consultants’, to consult governments in the region for national security projects. Working with other partners, she also set up Gold Coastway Limited, a company funding IT Security initiatives globally.

Today, Ralitza successfully chairs various business interests from Consultancy to deployment of national level IT security solutions. In 2009, during the slowdown of the financial markets globally, Ralitza eyed an opportunity to enter the UAE property market. Today, her company Indesign Development handles projects with net worth of over AED 500 Million, and rapidly growing.

Ralitza is a strong believer in the natural therapy and wellness business. Her recent venture ‘Nirvana Retreat’ in Ras Al Khaimah has received rave reviews and offers ‘alternative therapy’. Ralitza and her team is busy working on setting up 5 more healing hotels in Asia over the next 5 years.

Ralitza is also the largest individual shareholder in Sunways Global, a company focused on sustainable solar energy to power the farms and rural areas of India. She is also the chairperson at Lighthouse Trust, an organisation of companies engaged in making the unconventional business of zero carbon footprint ‘sustainable and profitable’.

Ralitza remains a steadfast believer in the age old adage, ‘Destiny can create opportunities, but only hard work consistently delivers’. Her hands on leadership and attention to detail ensures both client and employee satisfaction, the key to her business success.


Ralitza Ivanova
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