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SQRCLES: Creating the first human marketplace with 7 chakras for anonymous, versatile identities in a decentralized, ad-free environment.

SQRCLES, an upcoming application that introduces the first-ever human marketplace, focusses on the innate human need for anonymity induced shopping. Uniquely structured around the concept of the seven chakras, SQRCLES aims to achieve success through a balanced and anonymous approach to good living. This groundbreaking platform allows users to remain completely anonymous, with no requirement for a top-level registration.

Emphasizing complete anonymity, SQRCLES operates in a decentralized environment, allowing users to interact and transact just as if they were in a shop or a mall; Without revealing their identities.

Designed to foster digital zen, it offers an ad-free social media and marketplace experience, underpinned by a unique internal currency system for discreet interactions. Termed as 'The Amazon of Human transactions' by its founders, the platform's revenue model is based on transaction fees, ensuring a user-centric and privacy-focused digital space.

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