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Gold Coastway Limited

Gold Coastway Limited: A global investor in real estate, human intelligence, and assets, ensuring secure, innovative investments worldwide.

Gold Coastway Limited, with a global portfolio in real estate, human intelligence, stocks, and various assets, is committed to redefining investment excellence. This company stands out in its strategic approach to business management, expertly mitigating risks and surprises in business planning, thereby safeguarding investor interests. Their diverse investments span across numerous sectors, with a keen focus on transforming properties into unique, sustainable developments. Gold Coastway's commitment to integrity and innovation ensures stable and profitable returns, establishing a strong global footprint in every industry it touches.

Their recent investments are Seaside properties in East Coast of Sri Lanka, Munnar (India), and the Backwaters of Kerala, all to be converted or in the process of being converted into ‘Healing Grid’ certified properties.

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