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AUR Holdings

AUR Holdings invests in sustainable resorts

AUR Holdings announced what was the first 'ownership based' luxury villa project in a private island in Maldives. Funded by investors from Singapore, Europe, UAE and Mauritius, the project was hailed as one of the most unique propositions in 2015.

Unfortunately, the project ran into complications, compounded further by the Coronavirus Pandemic, which hit the world in early 2020. The project has been revived and is now being executed, with expected completion by mid-2026.

AUR Holdings shall shorlty announce the sale of the units, and partnership with a major international luxury hospitality brand.

The project is being designed and conceptualised by Shantanu Garg, one of the most prolific and modern architects from India. His company, SGD Design, has carried out various ultra luxury projects across Asia and Middle East.

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