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Core Values

Our Core Value is ‘life’. Sustainable, natural and qualitative life, not just quantitative life. The trust strongly favours 'back to nature programs and initiatives', with a net ‘zero carbon’ objective for life on the ‘Planet Earth.’ Lighthouse believes and propagates the philosophy that ‘zero carbon’ footprint business must also be profitable and self-sustainable, to ensure against dependence on charities and doles, as individual and corporate commitments change with time.​

Reducing pollution through achievable goals, creating awareness in the masses and working with the governments and large corporates is the way we hope to achieve the objectives enumerated above.

Lighthouse Trust Pte. Limited, headquartered in Singapore, was established in 2021, as a direct result of the human mayhem in 2020-2021 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. All the members are engaged in identifying and working of opportunities that provide for a better 'Human-Earth' relationship, which are sustainable in nature.



The various companies, shares, assets, and equities managed by the trust have a combined value of over USD 1 Billion

Our Mission

Lighthouse Trust is focused on shedding the light on the 'true essence' of a human being. The company is rapidly pursuing its objectives of creating sustainable initiatives that connect man with nature and animals just as the way it used to be; with love, respect, and empathy. Lighthouse stands 'for life' and freedom, of not just humans, but all mammals, plants, and life on water. While the trust generally understands and empathizes with all life forms, killer pests, animals, and microbes that kill to live are against the natural philosophy of the trust and its initiatives.

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